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No matter which style of overhead garage door you prefer, Garage Door 24 Hours Repair is available to install it. We offer many budget-friendly alternatives that offer you the ultimate in protection from severe weather, fire, theft, and other variables outside of your immediate control. All of our overhead garage doors are completely weather-proofed to make sure that nothing can damage them. Our skilled journeymen can explain the differences in overhead garage door styles to you at your first appointment.

Garage Door 24 Hours Repair Columbus, OH 614-362-1155Garage Door 24 Hours Repair understands that the only reason we are in business in Columbus, OH is that you have entrusted us with your garage door needs. We appreciate the trust and will not do anything to jeopardize it. This means selling and installing products for you that meet the highest demands in the industry. Some of the other features you may be interested in with your new overhead garage door include a back-up system and a device that detects all motion in and around your garage. No matter which service we perform, you have our word that we will do it right or keep working until you are satisfied with the result.